WordPress is a great creative platform

It is a true Content Management System (CMS) that provides an exceptional basis for specific developments. This strategic choice allows me to be more productive for my clients and to concentrate on the functionalities with real added value.

Open source

WordPress is an open source software, which means that you are allowed to use and modify the source code and adapt it to your needs.

It not only allows you to take full control of your corporate site, but also gives you the freedom to do what you want with the software.



It is therefore not necessary to reinvent the wheel, the development is mainly based on the creation of custom-themed graphic theme, the adaptation of a premium theme, programming or parameterizing plugins and optimizing the performance of a site.


Its very active community offers a large number of plugins and themes adapted to most needs.

With its wide selection of existing plugins, WordPress is able to meet your essential needs without costly developments.



Its main strengths are its ease of use and its adaptability. With an intuitive and ergonomic back-office management area, it makes it easy to write content.

SEO friendly

WordPress is a very powerful CMS with a very “SEO friendly” design (keyword management, RSS feed, content update, page display speed, Meta robots, Url canonical, clean URL, Breadcrumb , XML Sitemap, RSS feed).



Another real reason to use WordPress is its seamless E-Commerce integration with an existing blog or website, in case you suddenly decide to sell online. With an E-Commerce plugin like WooCommerce, you can turn your website / blog into an ecommerce store, absolutely without re-design. ​


You never know when you might need to collaborate with several people in order to keep your business website up to date. WordPress allows you to assign different roles to different individuals.

This way, you are able to have a variety of contributors or collaborators, which makes it easier to manage your business site.



Unlike other CMS, WordPress is quite capable of keeping up to date against cyber attacks today.

Indeed, WordPress designers take security very seriously and constantly update the software.


Last but not least, WordPress is constantly updated. Since the day of its launch, it has been updated more than 25 times.

The leading developers engaged by WordPress are updating and improving the software and continue to make WordPress the most powerful, flexible and secure CMS in the world.


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WordPress in numbers

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. It alone accounts for 25% of the websites in the world. Recent statistics also show that


WordPress runs 76.5 million sites around the world.


WordPress has been downloaded 46 million times.


131 million unique visitors to WordPress.com (against 71 million for Amazon-US)


41365 free plugins for WordPress


37 million searches per month on WordPress in Google


WordPress is translated into 40 languages.

Blog vs CMS

What type of website can you build with WordPress ?

WordPress's notoriety

WordPress is a suitable solution, whatever your size. Important organizations and companies in different sectors have chosen WordPress.