My Services

Website creation

The presence of your company (or organization) on the web, brings new visibility and gives you the opportunity to reach new customer segments (users). Indeed, a website is an essential way to recruit and retain new customers, develop partnerships, manage your image and increase your turnover.

Your website is a long-term investment. A well designed site loyalizes, prospects and improves notoriety. It may be modest but it is inherently evolutionary. Built on a solid foundation, it can evolve according to needs. New functionalities can be added to accompany and support the evolution of the company, new products and services, change of organization, new distribution channel, recruitment, export development …


I take care of all the setting up of your site, namely:

  • The reservation of your domain name and the hosting of it
  • Installing and configuring the WordPress platform
  • Implementation of the site structure and graphic theme
  • The configuration of the plugins
  • Training in the functioning of the administration interface
  • Design and creation of your visual identity (optional)
  • SEO: Classic or Advanced preparation, for natural SEO (optional)

Whatever your project, the quality and the performance of your site will be at the rendezvous with:

  • A design that is consistent with your business
  • Intuitive navigation in a well-structured site
  • Ergonomics for access to information
  • Well written, well-spelled texts
  • A site well positioned in the search engines
  • An interface in Responsive Web Design usable on any type of terminal
  • A very short page load time
  • Easy-to-use back-office with on-line help
  • Reliable operation and increased safety
  • A quality of structure and development allowing the evolution of the site

Adaptive and accessible sites

With 38% of the global internet traffic generated by mobile terminals (28% smartphones and 10% tablets) the web is no longer limited to microcomputers. Having a service that can display its content regardless of the terminal is a major requirement.

Responsive design and Accessibility are the essential features of a modern web service. Ensuring the implementation of these two essential elements will allow you to maximize your objectives and offer the user optimum reading comfort on mobile, tablet and pc.

Redesign and migration

Your site has become obsolete? Let’s find together the best solution in terms of cost, in order to stick to the graphic, ergonomic and functional standards.

Since the current version has shown its interest, you now want to develop its capacity to bring you qualified contacts (leads), renew your graphic charter, make it usable on mobile, or even have on-line services? We will refound the website that suits you.


Do you have a web project you want to achieve?



A website is constantly evolving. After uploading your site requires regular attention, indeed for security reasons it is essential to make updates (wordpress source files, plugins, themes, …) and regular backups.

Maintaining your site is a time-consuming but essential activity. For the prevention and security of your data, it is necessary to keep it up to date, and to correct the bugs or malfunctions that would occur.

If you wish, we will be able to set up a continuous assistance, in order to evolve your site as and when.


I can take care of the registration or transfer of your domain name, the hosting of your site, the sizing of your server, the choice of the OS, and all the technical operations related to your domain websites.

Depending on the nature of your WordPress site and the related traffic, you will be offered a hosting solution from a specialized service provider.



Agency or studio of communications, Would you like to outsource some of your web services, you have a one-time need for which an independent would be adapted, or an overload of work?

I put my development and integration skills at your disposal to work on your behalf.